Belofte - Todo

This file references belofte version 0.9.1 from 19/06/2017 on, belofte last updated: 27/06/2017


Belofte is a promising chess program. Belofte is a Flemish word that can be translated as 'a Promise' or 'someone with potential'. In this context, the latter is the intended meaning. The most correct translation would be 'A promising chess program'. It is pronounced as 'b-euh-loft-euh'.

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Things to do

This list is what we call, a TODO list. This list is to be completed will all comments in the source code. Often, you will find comments in the form of TODO: in the source code. Bugs can also be found on sourceforge in the issuetracker.

Generic improvements

Platform specific improvements

Netbeans compilation on Linux x64


Mac OS X

Cross compilation

Engine improvements

Position evaluation improvements


Known bugs